10 Most Romantic Cities In The World

Whether you wish to travel with your beloved for a short romantic break or go on the quintessential honeymoon soon after your wedding, you are obviously looking for a destination to fan the sparks of romance. And the most romantic cities in the world are sure to rekindle the passion in your love life.

From the beaches of Hawaii to the canals of Europe and from the forts of Rajasthan to the temples & gardens of Japan – romantic cities come with varied hues and shapes. And there’s no dearth of options across the world of such romantic wonders.

But to help you in planning a romantic holiday, we bring you a handpicked list of the most romantic cities in the world for honeymoon and other short romantic getaways.

1. Venice, Italy: The Fairy-tale destination of Canals

2. Paris, France: The International City of Love

3. Salzburg, Austria: The City of Mozart

4. Seville, Spain: Riot of Colors

5. Bruges, Belgium: Another beautiful canal city in Europe

6. Charleston, South Carolina, USA: The Holy City

7. Honolulu, Hawaii: The best of the Aloha State

8. Quebec City, Canada: The French-Canadian City

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Two for a Tango

10. Kyoto, Japan: The City of History, Temples, & Maple Trees

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